This version is source and binary compatible with the 1.0.0 version of the driver.


  • Updated the MongoCollection interface to support the save(...)/saveAsync(...) operation as a short cut for either an insert or update. See the JavaDoc for the full details.
  • Updated the QueryBuilder.and(...) to optimize away the $and operator when the sub-conditions of the query did not collide. The mongos process does not route $and queries to a single shard and instead relies on the scatter/gather strategy. This forces updates to set the multi-updates flag. By optimizing the $and operator away we can avoid having to set the multi-update flag.
  • Updated parsing of responses to inserts to throw a DuplicateKeyException in the case of an "ok" value of 1 but still having an error message.
  • Improved error handling for the send and receive threads to ensure connections are never into a half open state.