This version is binary compatible with the 1.2.2 version of the driver.

Updates and Improvements:

Bug Fixes

  • Update JSON parsing to detect if a parsed integer value is to big for an int and upcast to a long.
  • Update the JSON parser to support a string for the binary element's type (interpreted as a hexidecimal representation of a single byte).


  • Updates to the GridFs class:
    • Perform more rigorous validation when reading files.
    • Added a '''createIndex()''' method that users may use to create the recommended Grid FS indexes.
      • ''Note:'' If using a sharded environment then the appropriate indexes must be created for the proper retreival of files. See MongoDB issue SERVER-7694 for the underlying cause of the iterator not functioning correctly in the absense of an index.
    • Added a '''validate(...)''' method to check a file using the filemd5 command.
    • Added '''fsck(boolean)''' operation to validate all of the files and optionally try and repair files by reordering chunks with inconsistent numbering.