Licenses listed are for the MongoDB Asynchronous Java Driver, not of dependencies.

Project Licenses

Open Source License

The core driver (mongodb-async-driver.jar) is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

Commercial License

In addition to the core driver we also provide a set of extensions that support the MongoDB enterprise security features and other enhancements to the driver. The driver's extensions (mongodb-async-extensions.jar) is available under a commercial license. The commercial license also covers the core driver for organizations that cannot use Apache Licensed software. The commercial license includes access to the complete source for the driver and extensions including both test suites. It also includes direct email support and immediate patch releases to Correct identified issues.


  • The pricing of the commercial license is based on the number of data-bearing (i.e., mongod) nodes. Nodes for routing and configuration (i.e., config servers, arbiters and mongos) do not require subscriptions.
  • The base price for the driver is $1500.00 (US) and covers use with up to 5 operational nodes. Additional operational nodes are then priced based on a discount schedule in the table below. The maximum license fee is capped at $25,000.00 for 136 or more operational nodes.
    Number of Nodes Price (US$)
    The first 5 $1500.00 total
    The next 5 - 10 $285.00 per node
    The next 11 - 25 $255.00 per node
    The next 26 - 50 $210.00 per node
    The next 51 - 100 $165.00 per node
    The next 100 - 135 $135.00 per node
    136 or more $25,000.00 total

    A complete price break down per node count is also provided.

  • The licenses provides support and upgrades for 1 year and a perpetual right to use any version released during that year.
  • These prices are available when using our standard terms for the agreement.
  • Nodes are counted per physical server except in public cloud systems where they are counted per virtual machine.
  • Provides the complete source for the driver and extensions including all test suites.
  • The above pricing schedule is for individual End Users and shall not apply cumulatively to all licenses purchased by a Reseller or organization bundling the driver into a product .
  • For more information contact Allanbank Consulting, Inc..