To automate the download of the driver's jar from your Maven project you need to add the driver as a dependency. In addition you will need to specify the URL for the Allanbank repository.

POM Coordinates

The current driver's pom coordinates are:


Repository URL

There are two methods for referencing the repository's URL. The first updates the project's POM. The second assumes your team is using a private Nexus repository.

POM Repositories

To add the driver's repository to your POM simply add the following in the <repositories /> section.

        <name>Allanbank Releases</name>

This method is ideal for stand lone projects or those that can not assume availability of a centralized repository.

Nexus Proxy

Teams using a private Nexus instances may also add the URL as a proxy repository. Users should ensure that downloading of remote indexes is enabled.

Please note that the server hosting the repository is not a Nexus instance and also does not support directory listings. The above methods have been tested and will successfully resolve the artifacts from the repository.